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Sponge Painting in Multiple Colors

Sponging in multiple colors can now be done in one step. Faux painting a wall using a natural sea sponge is a well known faux finishing technique and has been around for many years and is still a great way to add texture to any wall.

How to achieve this faux finish

This technique involves a simple process. After you paint your base coat, you use various sides of a sea sponge to add the imprints to the wall, allowing part of the base coat to show thru.

Learn how to paint all these faux finishes and more.

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Our BASIC KIT is now on sale for only $39.99 for a limited time. With our Basic faux painting kit, you can learn how to faux paint 10 Techniques like Old World Parchment, Color Washing, Faux Brick, Stone, Ragging and Sponging in multiple colors fast and easy right at home!

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Why use the Triple S Faux Painting System?

Sponging walls with other methods require you sponge only one color at a time in small sections, blotting the sponge on paper to remove excess paint, each time. This involves climbing up and down a ladder many times, especially if you are painting high areas. In addition, when sponging multiple colors, you must wait till each layer is dry before applying another color. With our system, you just load the Multi Color Faux Palette and carry it up with your sponge and that’s it. You can see by the video above, how fast and easy it can be done now with the Triple S Faux Painting System. You can sponge paint an entire room in the same amount of time that other methods take to faux paint just one wall. With this patented (7472450) system, you can sponge paint up to 50 square feet without having to reload. Plus you can faux paint up to 6 different colors at the same time!

What colors are best to use?

The colors we used on the DVD Workshop are strong, in order to show the imprint of the sponge and to show the technique. However, the sky is the limit for colors to use with this faux finish. Keeping your colors in the same family gives you more of a subtle classy look, whereas using contrasting colors can add drama to your room.

What type of base coat sheen is best?

Your base coat should be a satin sheen. Eggshell is another sheen that can be used, but the glaze tends to dry faster with eggshell.

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