Faux Painting Professional Decorative Services
(From Miami to Ft. Lauderdale)

We offer professional faux painting services to the Miami to Ft. Lauderdale areas of South Florida. We can match any color you desire. Sample boards will be shown in person during the estimate.

Free estimates are available in the Dade or Broward counties of Miami to Ft. Lauderdale areas. We look forward to serving you.

*NOTE - Our subcontractors are all professionals in their specialty of finishes.

Estimates for Faux Finishes*

Below are estimates only for our services. If you have questions, please call 786-554-7710.

Faux Texture Plaster and Metallic Glazes

$8.50 sq.ft. and up

faux plaster in reds old world plaster wall with stenciling all over

Venetian Plaster

$10.00 sq.ft. and up

venetian plaster in blue venetian plaster in browns

Color Wash

(Multi Color) - $3.00 sq.ft.

color washing on wall red color washing multi colors

Old World with and without veins

No plaster added. Can be done on existing knockdown - $3.50 sq.ft.

old world with veins on wall old world with veins on ceiling

Faux Brick or Faux Stone

Without texture - $6.00 sq.ft. With texture - please call

faux brick with stencil

Faux Marble

Columns (6ft.) - $400 and up
Faux Marble counter tops - $21.00 sq.ft.


ask for estimate

Stripes (any style)

$5.60 sq.ft.

Stenciling - ask for estimate

Sponging and Ragging

(Multi Color) - $2.90 sq.ft.

Faux Wood

TO SEE COLOR CHOICES, click on this link to view our colors: Faux wood colors

faux mahoganny wood

Garage door SINGLE -

* Mahoganny - $399
* Oak - $499
* Two Tone - $530

Garage door DOUBLE -

* Mahoganny - $799
* Oak - $899
* Two Tone - $999

House door SINGLE 3'X6'(front) -

* Mahoganny - $225
* Oak - $325
* Two Tone - $390

House door SINGLE 3'X6'(front/back) -

* Mahoganny - $450
* Oak - $550
* Two Tone - $640

House door DOUBLE 3'X6'(front) -

* Mahoganny - $499
* Oak - $599
* Two Tone - $650

House door DOUBLE 3'X6'(front/back) -

* Mahoganny - $799
* Oak - $899
* Two Tone - $999


approx. $900-1200

*Prices include cost of paint and glazes.

Faux wood prices include base coat painting.
*NOTE - Larger/ornate/2-tone doors 25% more.
For all other finishes, add $1.00 sq.ft. if base coat repainted

*Clear top coat wood/marble approx. $200

*Stripping old paint $600 - 750

*Ceilings are 25% more

Please call 786-554-7710 to schedule for FREE ESTIMATES.

Samples of Faux finishes

To view some pictures of our the faux painting jobs we have done, click below:
Faux Painting Gallery

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