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These are just some of the letters submitted by customers regarding our kit and patented tools.

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You ROCK! THANK YOU for putting Christ first and may HE bless you beyond your dreams. In the meantime, i am going to try my hand at faux painting tonight but B4 i do, i will pray!! G_d bless ya! - Carol

Hello Sandra, Thanks thanks thanks for this terrific sponge. It is great. God bless you, for this idea. My Bedroom wall is soooooooo beautiful. It seems painting like a profi. Ahh, thanks for the ebooks. Next wall ist the little bathroom. (I would try the tiles...) Big hugs and love. God bless - Rebecca from Germany

Hi Sandy, You are one smart cookie! I did my first SSS system faux walls....and the palette you created was a huge time saver! I had so much fun that I've decided to do several rooms in my house and am now going to start marketing myself for more jobs.

I also do countertop transformations for ugly laminate and tile countertops with no demolition. I have a totally non-toxic cement, stain and sealant product that goes right over the top of the countertop. I've gotten much braver by faux-ing these countertops that I decided to tackle some walls! Thanks for your system. It works beyond great....Love Ya! Charlotte L.

Thank you so much in the correction. What exceptional customer service. This was a great experience dealing with your company!!! - Denell M.

Dear Sandy, I was going through articles and found yours. I gave a big laugh. I'm new to the faux painting industry. When I look at a wall I ask God to help me figure out what to do. After the colors are chosen and I'm beginning a wall I ask him to help me and to give me the strength and wisdom to finish the project. I don't go to church, but I felt from the beginning this talent is given to me. It's nice to feel that I'm on the right track. Great article. Thanks - Monique

Dear Sandy Silva, Just to mention that I received the package on the 30th Wednesday, thanks for the fast service. I am going to try this out over the weekend by following your DVD instructions which should work out fine. By the way you look Great. Regards - Francis

Hey Sandra, I ordered your faux painting kit awhile ago and all I can say is WOW!! The fist project I attempted was my home bathroom with an orange color wash. 45 minutes later....I was done! And it looks soo professional. I may even start a little side business doing it since it is sooooo fun AND easy!!! Thanks again - Matt H.

Dear Sandy, It was a two-year process, but I finally have the sunroom of my dreams! In the past two years, I have painted and repainted the brick in my sunroom 5 times! This finish will be staying for years though. It is the perfect “old world” look I was hoping for but didn’t think I could achieve. Since I thought this finish was impossible, I tried several paint colors, but I wasn’t satisfied with any of them. Thank you for creating the Faux Finish System! Everyone who has come to see it has loved it. My 21-year-old nephew told me it was GORGEOUS. My 16-year-old son told me he liked it so much he was spending more time in the sunroom because it was so homey and comfortable now. I'd be honored for you to use any of my info/photos on your site.
Thanks for all your time. - Margaret

Hi! I emailed you way back about those annoying knockdown walls that are all through my house, and I subsequently bought rather a lot of supplies from you to take care of that little problem. I thought I would show you that I've been putting them to great use! It's been slow but sure progress, and it's turned out beautifully. The greatroom is SO BIG, and I am SO afraid of heights, and if not for your tools I would have been up there three times as long. The master bedroom came out so beautifully. The pictures really don't do it justice as it's all golden and red and the absolute most warm and comforting room I've ever been in. It's like sleeping in a room made of toast and old book leather. Only not quite as weird as that sounds.The rooms were all white when we moved in, and as you can imagine, with their high ceilings, the bedroom and greatroom were forbiddingly empty and stark. HUGE change in the look and feel of the whole house! Just today I finished my studio. It's my favorite so far and I HAD to email you and show you that I really have the hang of it now. I am so happy, and so grateful for your wonderful inventions. This would not have been possible without them, and without you. Everyone who sees what I have done asks how I did it, and everyone who asks gets pointed straight at your site. It's the least I can do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Best always, Amanda

Dear Sandy, Last night I used my tuck and gather tool to faux what looks a little like snowflakes on 1 wall in my youngest son's room. It looks amazing! My husband said, I'm going to start hiring you out! LOL. I let him watch a little of you on your video. He was very impressed and most excited that you love our Jesus too! My girlfriend came to my house today for prayer and I let her see the room. She's believing God for a baby and is inspired to fix up her spare bedroom in preparation. She asked if I'd help her. I'm flattered! Especially considering this is BRAND NEW for me. I've NEVER been known to be artistic or handy in this way. How'd the tissue paper go? I may try that next. Before you know, you're signature is going to be on every room in my house. Thanks again - Wincey

Hello, I bought your faux finish complete set about a year ago. I did my bathroom at the time the old world parchment and it turned out wonderful. I've been itching to try another project but couldn't justify changing a whole room to my fiancé until my son moved out. So I decided on the faux bricks. They are turning out lovely. - Farrah Lab.

Dear Sandra, I just wanted to say that your testimony about praying before painting really blessed me and brought me to tears. I don’t have a question but I felt led to encourage you regarding your bold statement AND stating that Jesus is the WAY! I too pray first, especially since I am not a natural born artist and feel challenged to tackle my projects. I can tell that your system of “pouncing” on the various colors in one fell swoop would work great. I believe that God inspired you to discover this method. I may have a question in the future but for now, I just want to say, May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you, in the name of our Lord Jesus. AMEN! - Cindy T.

Hi, my name is Tuesday and I wanted to say thanks for your most important tip on painting - Prayer! I have been in business for 15 years as a muralist and window artist.My most recent project is designing a home theater for a client. I painted giant canvas murals of classic film stars and a border with old Hollywood style lettering of their names.When the project was complete the family asked me to come back and faux finish the walls to enhance the artwork.The challenge was the walls are tile! I was on the Internet praying God would lead me to the right site and you popped up. After watching your video I went to tips and there it was! God encouraged me through you. Every project I get to paint is a direct gift from God. Prayer Is the most important part of my business and I am so happy to see a sister in Christ blessing others by sharing her gift! I have a verse over my desk that reads. An enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of facts. Proverbs 24:3-4 Your videos and tips are part of my planning. Thanks! - Tuesday

Sandy and Team, I am glad that God blessed you with these ideas and that you boldly give Him the credit. Thank you very much. I have done ragging before but I really liked the parchment look. I received the kit and tried it and although I didn't master the technique (couldn't quite eliminate the lap lines) everyone so seems to like it. My 22 year old son said I should add vines and a faux window ( nice idea if I was artistic) and my 21 year old daughter said it looks very romantic so thank you again. Once I have everything back in my dining room, I may email you a picture. God Bless! - Chitra B.

Sandra, It sure is interesting how God works out the details in our lives when we ask him. Before I started my first try at faux painting I spent time in prayer and reading the word as I do each morning. I looked for the how to rag paint handout that I picked up from Lowe's yesterday and could not find it, so I went on line and found your website. Guess that was an answer to prayer!! Needless to say there was a world of information in your website and I am thankful for your help because it answered several questions that the handout did not address. By his grace - Jacques S.

Hi Sandy! We just ordered your marble and faux combo kit and can't wait to get started. We just got a steal of a deal on a 5,000 + square foot home and intend to remodel almost all of it - much of it with faux paint. I feel like I already know how to do it just from watching your youtube videos. We might have been able to get by without the kit, but I can see that it will make things easier. But the real reason we wanted to buy your kit was to support a Christian owned company. We really like the fact that your youtube user name is Godis3inOne and openly advertise your Christian faith. Thank you for your very exciting patented products and especially for your Christian faith! Hopefully we'll see you on Shark Tank or Dragon's Layer getting financing to grow your faux paint kit business. Best wishes, God Bless, and thank you again for your wonderful product line - Steve and Ellen B.

I received my products so fast. I'm so excited to learn how to Faux paint. I'm so hoping your instructional materials will help me to get the results you have. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and gifts with others so we can have beautiful homes. Best Wishes - RaNae B.

Hello Sandra, While looking for tips on faux painting, I stumbled onto your wonderful website! It was helpful, enjoyable, and encouraging, but the best was yet to come. How wise of you to lead people With the most important tip to The One we must all be led to! Thank you for your site and for making my day; it was such a breath of fresh air to see how you used your talent to glorify the Lord and to be a witness for Him in such an exceptional way! God bless! Sincerely - Laurie Saar

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