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How to faux paint a Brick wall, fast and easy

Faux painting a wall to look like brick, like most methods teach, can be very time consuming.

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Faux painted brick on wall

Since the finish looks so nice, it's worth the time. But we have good news. Now you can learn how to paint your walls to look like brick, easier.

How to achieve this faux finish

There are many different ways you can achieve this faux finishing technique. One way is to tape off your grout lines, once you've painted your base coat. Then with either a sponge or rag, or plastic, you add the texture to the brick shapes.

The Triple S Faux Painting System saves time.

As you can view by the video, with this patented (7472450) system, you can add the brick texture without mess, using the Tuck and Gather tool. You just add your colors to the Multi Color Faux Palette and then press your tool onto it and then onto the wall. Additional texture can be added by using a natural sea sponge. You may also choose to add a color wash picture of 5 tools and DVDover the blocks after adding the faux texture with the Poofy Pad that is included in the Basic Faux Painting Kit. If you compare how other methods achieve this faux finish, you will agree that this way is by far the fastest way to do so. You can learn how to faux paint 9 other faux finishes with the kit, also.

What colors are best to use?

If you want your brick to look realistic, use those you see in real brick. However, as shown in the picture above, you can stylize your brick by using colors found in your accessories. There's no right or wrong since it's a matter of taste.

What type of base coat sheen is best?

Use a satin sheen base coat. Eggshell is another option since you don't need a lot of open time. However, since you will probably be using a glaze, the sheen you end up with is more like satin.

Even newbies can faux paint brick

Watch this video of a 16 year old who never faux painted before. This will encourage you to faux it yourself.

Using texture paint for bricks

Faux painted textured brick on wall

Another alternative is to use a textured paste (spackle or joint compound) over the taped blocks and then after it is dry you paint over it with your base coat latex paint. Afterwards, you use the poofy pad to add a color wash over the textured blocks. This would be more time consuming but would give you a 3 dimensional look. Click on the link below to see how to add texture to your walls using the Tuck and Gather tool.

Faux Painting on Knockdown Texture Video

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