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Amazing Faux Painting Tool - Tuck and Gather

The perfect tool for achieving different Texture Faux Finishes with glazes or paint.

You can't beat this!

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tuck and gather logo with tool

Included with Basic Faux Painting Kit.

Textured Faux Painting is very popular today. With other methods, it can be very time consuming, requiring the use of expensive painting mediums or plasters. With the Tuck and Gather Tool© and the Multi Color Faux Palette©, you can achieve the look of texture without the extra costs. As part of the Triple S Faux System©, you can save time and money without compromising the elegant look of texture on your walls. Faux Ragging in multiple colors can also be done with less mess and steps.

tuck and gather with plastic tuck and gather with fur tuck and gather with cloth

Just use any blunt item like a screwdriver to tuck and gather material onto the tool.

pressing tuck and gather against palette pressing tuck and gather onto wall blotting rag on paper

Once tool is prepared, the just press onto Multi Color Faux Palette and apply to wall. It's that easy! No more blotting on paper, either.

Using a rag, cloth, or plastic is just one type of material you can use to add beautiful dimensional texture to any wall. On the left below, is the board and on the right, is the finished bathroom. Nice!

ragging practice board ragging on bathroom wall

If you faux paint a color wash, you can then add some texture to it with the tuck and gather tool to get more dimension. Take a look at the pictures below.

ragging practice board ragging practice board
picture of 5 tools and DVD

Our BASIC KIT INCLUDES Multi Color Faux Palette, 2 Poofy Pads, 2 Tuck and Gather tools and Workshop DVD. It's now on sale for only $39.99 for a limited time.

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