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Faux Finishes on DVD

Now you can learn how to faux paint these beautiful Faux Painting Techniques in the comfort of your own home. Other methods use many messy, complicated steps but with the patented(7472450) Triple S Faux System, you can achieve popular elegant faux finishes easily with less mess. Learn how to achieve popular finishes like Old World Parchment, Color Washing, Sponging, Ragging and even stenciling in MULTIPLE COLORS. The innovative tools that come with the Basic DVD Faux Painting Kit will save time, too.

Hover over each picture to see a close up of them. These are just samples of what you can achieve, including the practice boards that you will endup with as you go thru the workshop.

Old World on satin

old world on board old world on wall

Old World on eggshell

old world on eggshell board old world on eggshell wall

Old World on Knockdown

old world on knockdown board old world on knockdown wall


color wash in 3 colors board color wash in 3 colors on wall

Faux stone

faux stone board faux stone made with terry cloth on wall faux stone board faux stone wall

Faux Brick

faux brick board faux brick on wall


faux stripes board faux stripes on wall faux stripes board faux stripes on wall


faux sponging boards faux sponging on wall

Stenciling and Stamping

faux stencil board faux stamping board


faux ragging and stippling board faux ragging and stippling on wall


faux stippling board faux stippling on wall

Faux Clouds

faux clouds board faux clouds on ceiling

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