ULTRA Faux Painting Combo

ULTRA Faux Painting Combo

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WOW!  You get 18 pieces in this faux painting combo set with FREE Priority Shipping. 


*  DVD Faux Painting Kit - 5 tools with DVD workshop

Patented (#7472450) Faux System - Workshop teaches you 10 different faux finishes. Includes Multi Color Faux Palette, 2 Poofy Pads and 2 Tuck and Gather tools.

*  Faux Marble DVD

DVD that teaches you 7 differnet types of marble - Workshop includes tips and practice sessions.

*  Set of 3 Feathers for Faux Marble

Assorted Feathers for adding veins to your faux marble

*  One Quart (32 oz.) bottle of Floetrol to use as a glaze

Floetrol is a paint conditioner that we use as a glaze. It can be mixed with regular wall paint as well as acrylic craft bottled paint.  One quart will allow you to faux paint an entire small bedroom (10 X 10) or bathroom.  This size is great for practicing your techniques. You can purchase a gallon later from Home Depot or Lowes for larger projects.

*  Glycerine (6 oz.) for adding open time

Open time refers to the time you have before glaze mix dries. Add one part glycerine to 6 parts of Floetrol to get more open time.

*  Chip Brush (2 inch) for blending corners

This is the perfect brush for blending sections where you can't fit Poofy Pad.

*  FREE Faux Painting Color Suggestions and Idea E-Book

Take the guess work out of choosing colors. You will receive the E-Book in an email after your order is shipped.

*  FREE Priority Shipping

*FREE Hand Painted Color Swatches
Now you can match any of our colors

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