Natural Sea Sponge - Large

Natural Sea Sponge - Large

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Save time and mess!

Now you can easily achieve a faux brick look with this natural sea sponge painting tool and the Multi Color Faux Palette.

Just moisten the sponge before starting and then press onto the palette and then onto the wall. Remember to twist your wrist as you continue to press the sponge to vary the imprints. In some sections you want to press very lightly to get a speckled imprint.

It is that easy!

Because this is a natural yellow sea sponge, you can use it over and over again.

You will be amazed at how much time you save and how varied you can make the texture on your faux brick. It's just like using a stamp. With the Multi Color Faux Palette you can make your bricks consist of up to 6 different colors. By adding a color wash to your bricks using the same colors, you can add instant dimension and interest to your bricks.

You definitely need these sponges as part of your faux painting supplies. They fit easily in your hands and are lightweight just like all the tools we sell. With Triple S Faux System, faux painting bricks just got easier!

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