Glycerine 2 lbs.

Glycerine 2 lbs.

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Increase the "open time" of your mixed glaze.

Forget using expensive extenders for your faux painting glazes. With glycerine, you can achieve the same thing. Since most of the faux finishes taught with the patented (#7472450) Triple S Faux System are positive techniques (adding layers and not taking away glaze), you only need to add a little bit. Usually, you only need 1 part glycerine to 1 part paint and 6 parts Floetrol (glaze).

Glycerine is used in many popular cosmetics and hand creams. It is non toxic and has no odor at all. In fact, glycerine can be found in the baking section of some stores. Since it is difficult to find it readily in stores, we have chosen to sell this product as a service to our customers. With such a low price for two 1 lb. bottles, we know it will be a valuable addition to your faux painting supplies.

If you dilute the glycerine, (1 part glycerine to 2 parts water) you can put some in a spray bottle and spray some onto the Multi Color Faux Palette and Poofy Pads. This helps in the clean up of the tools, especially if you are using pure paint without glaze.

Spray some on your hands, too, which helps keep them soft.
glycerine sprayed on faux painting tools

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